Pediatric Surgery at Emerson Hospital

Pediatric Surgery

If your child has an illness or injury that requires surgery, there is great peace of mind in knowing that Emerson Health has a team of skilled surgeons and anesthesiologists with extensive experience caring for infants, children and adolescents.

Our surgeons perform many procedures minimally invasively, which means smaller incisions than traditional surgery. This, in turn, translates into less pain, less scarring and a faster recovery for your child.

The pediatric surgery expertise at Emerson Hospital

Emerson’s pediatric surgical expertise includes treatments for:

Notably, Emerson is home to the region’s only fellowship-trained pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

In addition to our expert pediatric surgeons, our Pediatric Intervention Team services to helps make the surgical experience as smooth and stress-free as possible — for kids and their parents.

Pediatric Intervention Team

We understand that having surgery can be worrisome for children and caregivers. On the day of surgery, Emerson’s certified child life specialists on the Pediatric Intervention Team guide children and families through the surgical process by:

  • Providing child-friendly preoperative teaching and preparation so children and families know what to expect (preoperative teaching and/or a tour of the surgical center can be arranged ahead of your child’s surgical date by calling 978-287-3423, or is provided on the day of surgery)
  • Creating a child-friendly environment with age-appropriate toys
  • Accompanying one caregiver and your child (under 12 years old) into the operating room until he/she falls asleep
  • Reuniting you with your child after surgery at the discretion of the recovery room nursing staff
  • Offering a preoperative teaching session and/or tour of the surgical center prior to your child’s date of surgery (Please call 978-287-3423 to arrange this.)

The best care possible. A kid-friendly environment. Conveniently close to home. It is all right here at Emerson Hospital.

Preparing a child for surgery

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Listen to our Health Works Here podcast with Vicky Hopley and Mallory Harrison, Emerson child life specialists, who talk about their role on the Pediatric Intervention Team and how they assist parents in preparing a child for surgery. [Apple Podcasts | Google Play Music | Spotify]


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