​​Sleeve gastrectomy involves permanently removing approximately two-thirds of the stomach to limit food intake—helping you feel full sooner. This procedure is newly recognized as a primary procedure for weight loss. 

Early results show the weight loss from sleeve gastrectomy to be midway between that of gastric banding and gastric bypass.

What if I experience a major problem after the sleeve gastrectomy procedure?

While such issues are uncommon, if you experience a major problem that requires more surgery, most times we perform a gastric bypass conversion. In this way, consenting for a sleeve gastrectomy means you are willing to undergo a gastric bypass, if necessary.

Do the staples stay in? Will I set off metal detectors? Can I have an MRI? 

The staples used in a sleeve gastrectomy are very small and made of titanium, so they generally do not cause metal detectors or MRIs to react.