Frequently Asked Questions


Can the Emerson Administrative Fellowship be used for residency placement in order to complete my master's degree?
Yes, the fellowship can be used for residency placement in order to complete a master's degree as long as the didactic portion of the master's program is completed. Emerson encourages you to confirm with your program director if this fellowship meets the qualifications of your program.

How many fellows are accepted each year?
There are generally two fellows (sometimes more) accepted each year.

Am I guaranteed a position at EPA upon completion of the fellowship?
While a position at EPA is not guaranteed, Emerson is open to engaging in conversations around employment options following fellowship completion. Many of our fellows have elected to accept positions after the completion of their fellowship.

What is the compensation that fellows receive?
Fellows receive a competitive annual salary and benefits package, and in some cases, a relocation stipend after the fellowship begins.

What programs typically apply to the Emerson Fellowship?
The most common degree candidates include MHA, MPH, and MBA from CAHME accredited programs.

What documents need to be submitted for the fellowship application?
Your resume and a cover letter should be submitted. Please refer to the Application Process page for details.

What does the interview process entail?
If selected, the interview process includes a minimum of two interviews with the fellowship director and various Emerson Health leaders.

What is the program structure?
The program is a cumulative experience focused on developing physician practice management leaders as the fellow gains leadership skills and experience in managerial decision making as well as in the daily operations of an outpatient medical practice.

What areas will the fellow be supporting?
Fellows may provide administrative support across several of EPA's business units including primary care, medical subspecialties, surgical subspecialties, and urgent care.

Do you sponsor visas?
Emerson Practice Associates does not sponsor work visas.