Get to Know Pediatric Surgeon Christopher Schlieve, MD

Christopher Schlieve, MD with patient

Christopher Schlieve, MD, attended Duke-NUS Medical School and completed his internship at the Mayo Clinic. He trained in general surgery at the University of Massachusetts and pediatric colorectal surgery at Children’s Hospital Colorado. In addition to caring for children, Dr. Schlieve treats adults at Emerson Health Surgery. To make an appointment, learn more, and listen to a podcast with Dr. Schlieve, visit

Dr. Schlieve is a general surgeon at Emerson Health. Learn more about him and his experienced and compassionate approach to care for young patients.

Q. Why do you like working with children?
. With pediatric general surgery, I dramatically affect the quality of a child’s life. Nothing is more gratifying than helping to relieve a patient’s pain and discomfort, or eliminating a condition that limits their daily activities. I feel truly rewarded when I help kids and their parents through a difficult situation and then see them return to the office happy and healthy. Watching them get back to school activities and hobbies and enjoying life makes me appreciate taking care of them and their families.

Q. Can you talk about your approach with young patients?
A. The office and the emergency department can feel scary, especially for young children. I make it a point to connect with the child so they can participate in their recovery and I can calm their fears. Once I earn their trust, children have a remarkable understanding of their care. Forming relationships with patients and their parents is essential to the best outcome.

Q. How do you connect so naturally with children?
A. I am a kid at heart, so establishing relationships with my patients is something that comes easily. Children love to share their hobbies, interests, and achievements. When I first meet a young patient, the initial experience is about getting to know them. We can always find common ground when we ask questions.

Q. Why did you come to Emerson after training at some of the top academic medical systems in the country?
A. I was drawn here by the support Emerson Health provides for the entire community. We are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our patients. Emerson offers a wonderful team of pediatric experts — including dedicated hospitalists, nurses, child life professionals, and others — who make healthcare a positive experience for young patients and their families. Many parents tell me they continue to choose Emerson because they are treated like family here.

Q. What types of services do you provide?
The most common procedures we perform are laparoscopic or open hernia repairs, removal of lumps and bumps, and draining cysts. Some emergency surgeries include removal of appendixes and gallbladders, and we also perform incision and drainage procedures. We often provide same-day or next-day evaluations in the office, which is a relief to many parents when their child is in pain and needs care they cannot receive at their pediatrician’s office or urgent care.

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