Why Two Families Chose to Have Their Babies at Emerson

Carson and Jackson Schulze

Every baby enters the world in a uniquely remarkable way. Expecting parents want a safe, trusted, and caring place to deliver their baby. For two local moms, choosing Emerson for their labor and delivery was one of the best decisions they made.

In my own voice: Jaime Schulze

Jaime Schulze, associate director of admissions and director of multicultural recruitment at Lawrence Academy in Groton, experienced a high-risk pregnancy because she carried twins.

Carson and Jackson are now thriving babies with distinct personalities who laugh, smile, coo, and are becoming mobile. But when they were born, they, along with their mom, required specialized care.

Pictured at right are Jaime Schulze (sitting in center) and her family with Emerson nurses, from left, Lyndsey Hammond, RN, Tabitha Brand, RN, Heidi Felt, RN, and Carol Savoie, RN.

“When I was 34 weeks pregnant, my hands and feet became very itchy. I called labor and delivery at 3 a.m., and they told me to come in for monitoring. Mike (my husband) and I were given a private room on the maternity floor where the medical team monitored me.

“I felt an incredible connection and comfort with my obstetrician (OB) and everyone on my care team. I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, so my OB determined it was time for the babies to be delivered. They were born by C-section on August 5. Carson weighed 4 pounds 8 ounces and Jackson was 4 pounds 7 ounces — nice sizes for 34-week-old twins!

“Shortly after they were born, Carson had a high white blood count that indicated a possible infection, and he had a pocket of liquid on his head. An ultrasound confirmed the pocket was natural fluid and nothing serious. Jackson was born with meconium in his lungs, and I developed chills and a rising temperature. Throughout this time, I never doubted the care we all received.

“Emerson has a partnership with Mass General Hospital (MGH), where Carson was transported with Mike by his side to determine the cause of his white blood counts. I love that Emerson teams with Mass General’s newborn intensive care unit for complex cases. When the MGH team ruled out Carson's infection, they returned to Emerson to be with me and Jackson.

“Jackson's meconium was resolved. I was evaluated continuously by doctors and nurses, received antibiotics, and had serious complications ruled out.

“Our twins were cared for in Emerson’s special care nursery for 21 days, where they received exceptional care. The nurses educated us on how to care for them, which was invaluable. We had a private room on the maternity floor while our babies were in the special care nursery. Our room at Emerson became our home, and it was a big relief that we could all stay together as a family.

“Throughout the entire time, we felt safe, well-informed, and cared for — we always had a team of experts that we trusted. If we had to do it all over again, I would, 10 times over. We fell in love with our entire care team.

“When people ask why we chose Emerson to deliver our twins, it is simple:

  • We knew people who had a great experience having their babies at Emerson.
  • We trusted the people on our care team.
  • Other hospitals do not compare to the expertise and care we received.”

In my own voice: Sofia Braag-Ankeny

Sofia Braag-Ankeny works at the University of Massachusetts Medical School supporting gene therapy, neuroscience, and life science research as a business development principal. Her husband is an anesthesiologist at Mass General Hospital Boston.

When it comes to their family’s medical care, they have the highest standards. In March, Sofia gave birth at Emerson to her third child, Olivia, a healthy girl.

Sofia Braag-Ankeny holds baby Olivia while relaxing with sons Jackson and Liam and husband Daniel at their Sudbury home.

“I was considered high risk because I was 40. When I was 32 weeks along in the pregnancy, I received a non-stress test each week on the hospital’s labor and delivery floor. Because I was there every week, I got to know many of the nurses. They would always welcome me in calm, soothing ways.

“Even though it was during the pandemic and the nurses needed to wear extra personal protective equipment and adhere to additional safety protocols, they were always so kind and made me feel very calm.

“When it came time for me to give birth, I immediately felt very comfortable with my labor team — we quickly established a great rapport and trust-based relationship. My nurse respected my intuition as a mother, and I had 100 percent trust in her guidance and medical expertise. When you have the proper guidance, giving birth can be beautiful.

“When the anesthesiologist came for my epidural, he and my husband established a great connection. My husband was super impressed with everything at Emerson — the team makes parents feel calm and relaxed. I gave birth to Olivia in the same room I delivered her brother Jackson three years prior. I felt amazing throughout the entire experience!

“Why did we choose Emerson to deliver our second and third children?

  • The medical team. We were impressed with everyone who cared for us.
  • Great relationships. At Emerson, the team builds positive relationships and trust with parents right from the start.
  • The soothing experience. It almost felt like we were at a home, not in a hospital. Little touches, like cozy curtains, the excellent food, and an actual bed for my husband to sleep in, contribute to feeling well-cared-for.”

Emerson’s Maternity Excellence

Emerson Hospital is named on Newsweek’s 2021 list of the Best Maternity Hospitals in the U.S. Only eight hospitals in Massachusetts are on this year’s list.

In addition, Emerson was honored recently as a Blue Distinction Center+ for Maternity Care by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Providers that meet the highest quality, safety, and efficiency standards receive this designation.

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