Pediatric Services

When your child is a patient at Emerson Hospital, it is reassuring to know we not only provide comprehensive pediatric healthcare services, but we also deliver them in a reassuring, child-friendly environment. Whether your child is a patient at Emerson or visiting a family member who is, our aim is to make your child’s experience here as comforting and positive as possible.

Equally important, as a parent, you are a respected, valued member of your child’s healthcare team. Your presence goes a long way in making your child feel secure, so we encourage your participation in his or her care.

When Children Are Patients

A hospital can be a scary place for a child. That’s why Emerson offers these services and amenities to help reassure hospitalized children and their families:

Pediatric inpatient unit

A dedicated pediatric inpatient unit, staffed by specially trained nurses and support personnel who encourage your participation in your child’s care and recovery. As a parent, you’re welcome on the unit 24 hours a day, and your meals are complimentary. The unit includes a brightly decorated playroom with a variety of age-appropriate toys and activities

Pediatric hospitalists

Pediatric hospitalists, board-certified specialists who monitor and coordinate every aspect of your child’s care, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, while your child is in the hospital

Pediatric Intervention Team (PIT)

Pediatric Intervention Team (PIT) provides emotional support for children with anxiety related to stressful exams and procedures.

Coping Kits

Coping Kits, age-appropriate bags of books and toys that help distract kids in the Emergency Department, encourage relaxation and deep breathing, provide comfort, and encourage communication and self-expression.

Child Life Program

Our child life program helps children and families cope with the emotional and logistical challenges of hospitalization.

When Relatives Are Patients

When a loved one is in the hospital, it can be hard for a child to understand what’s going on. Emerson is proud to offer expert support and guidance to help families cope and explain to children what’s happening to their relative.

This support and guidance, provided by Emerson’s Pediatric Intervention Team (PIT), is particularly helpful in these situations:

Critical Care 

The critical care unit (CCU) can be an intimidating environment, especially for children. The Pediatric Intervention Team helps families comfortably include children in visiting and understanding the care of their critically ill family member in the CCU setting.


The Pediatric Intervention Team is available to help families talk with children about cancer, including diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and impact on family life. The team consults with patients and families to find age-appropriate language for explaining the illness to their children.

PostPartum, Labor and Delivery, and Special Care Nursery 

The PIT is available to help families adjust to complicated birth experiences. The team helps families identify and express their concerns, offers supportive guidance, and directs them to appropriate community resources.

In addition, Emerson Hospital’s team of licensed social workers is also available to children, families and patients for support, counseling and referrals to appropriate community-based resources.