Emerson Hospital

Women's Health

At Emerson Hospital, we are committed to helping women live healthier lives. That is why we offer a range of comprehensive health care services, wellness programs and support groups designed to meet your unique needs at every stage of life.

Conveniently located primary care 

Having a primary care physician is one of the most important health decisions you can make. Emerson Hospital offers you a choice of nearly 60 highly qualified, board-certified primary care physicians in 11 surrounding communities. Learn more here

Comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology services

Emerson Hospital offers a full spectrum of obstetric and gynecologic services to women of all ages. With offices in Concord, Leominster and Westford, the expert obstetricians and gynecologists on our active staff provide comprehensive gynecologic care, family planning, prenatal and obstetric care, and menopause management.

Emerson also has highly trained OB/GYN subspecialists available: In addition, Emerson’s Birthing Center offers the highest quality medical expertise in a serene location, close to home. 

Breast health services

Emerson’s state-of-the-art Hermel Breast Health Center in Concord and mammography service in Westford provide the latest digital mammography as well as a full array of diagnostic services. Leading-edge breast cancer treatment is offered at the MassGeneral Cancer Center- Bethke at Emerson Hospital.

Nutritional counseling

Good nutrition is essential throughout every stage of a woman’s life. Emerson Hospital’s certified registered dieticians are available in Concord and Westford to provide private, individualized nutritional services to women. 

Osteoporosis screening

Post-menopausal women are at risk for osteoporosis, a bone-thinning disease that can result in debilitating fractures. To diagnose osteoporosis at an early, treatable stage, Emerson Hospital offers non-invasive, painless bone-density screening at our Concord and Sudbury locations.

Bone and Joint Center

The Bone and Joint Center at Emerson Hospital aids women with any orthopedic injury ranging from tennis elbow to total knee or hip replacement, with treatment from physicians who understand the mechanics of a woman’s body.

Center for Rehabilitative and Sports therapies

To assist women with physical limitations due to disease or injury, Emerson Hospital and our health center in Westford provide physical, occupational and speech and language therapy on an outpatient basis at Clough Family Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies.

Endovenous laser treatment

Endovenous laser ablation therapy (EVLT) is an effective, minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins that takes 40 minutes and provides years of relief. 

Plastic surgery

Emerson’s board-certified plastic surgeons provide a full range of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

Support services and groups

Emerson offers a wide range of community health and wellness programs and classes to help women take care of their health and make informed healthcare decisions. 
The Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind and Body also provides an array of programs and classes dedicated to women’s health. 
In addition, we offer ongoing support groups to help women cope with various medical conditions or life situations.

For more information

To learn more about our women’s health services, or for help finding a primary care physician or obstetrician/gynecologist who meets your needs, call Emerson’s physician referral line 24/7 at 877-9-EMERSON (877-936-3776) or find a doctor now.

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