When you live in the Concord area, you do not have to travel far to get excellent surgical care.

When you or a member of your family needs surgery, you will be glad to know that Emerson Hospital offers a team of board-certified surgeons — across multiple specialties — with the expertise to perform some of today’s most advanced procedures, particularly minimally-invasive surgery.

Emerson is home to the Clough Surgical Center, an innovative facility with state-of-the-art operating suites, sophisticated imaging technology and the latest anesthesia monitoring equipment — all right here, conveniently close to home.

Learn more about the steps we're taking in order to ensure safety for surgical patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The surgical capabilities at Emerson Hospital

You can count on Emerson Hospital for a wide range of surgical expertise, including:

Expert anesthesia services

To ensure your comfort and safety during surgery, Emerson’s surgeons are supported by a team of board-certified anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists. All types of anesthesia are offered. Learn more about our anesthesiology services.

A commitment to surgical quality and your safety

At Emerson Hospital, your safety is our top priority. That is why we participate in the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program as well as a surgical care infection prevention initiative — ongoing programs to track, measure and continuously improve the way we deliver surgical care.

Know what to expect after your surgery

Whether your surgery is an outpatient surgery or requires a hospital stay, it is best to know what to expect. If you are having an outpatient surgery, you will be released on the same day as your surgery.

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